Oregon Statutes - Chapter 283 - Interagency Services - Section 283.310 - Control and regulation of state-owned motor vehicles; rules; statement of use; limits on use.

(1) The Oregon Department of Administrative Services shall control and regulate the acquisition, operation, use, maintenance and disposal of and access to motor vehicles used for:

(a) State business by state agencies of this state; or

(b) Official public business by a unit of local government or a state agency of another state, by an agency created by an interstate compact between this state and another state or states, by a United States governmental agency, or by an American Indian tribe or an agency of an American Indian tribe, pursuant to an intergovernmental agreement between the agency or agencies and the department, entered into in accordance with ORS chapter 190, for the provision of motor pool vehicles, supplies and services, or any of them.

(2) The state agency on whose behalf a motor vehicle is used must state in writing in advance of such use that the particular activity for which the vehicle is to be used advances the lawful policies of the agency.

(3) The State Board of Higher Education shall not authorize or allow the use of any motor vehicle to transport students to an event or activity not directly related to an officially sanctioned program as established under ORS 351.277 of an institution in the Oregon University System.

(4) The State Board of Higher Education, in conjunction with the Oregon Department of Administrative Services, shall establish by rule vehicle operation standards and training to promote safe vehicular travel practices in the conduct of all travel by employees, students and official volunteers at all institutions in the Oregon University System. [Formerly 291.704; 1993 c.335 §2]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008