Oregon Statutes - Chapter 293 - Administration of Public Funds - Section 293.550 - Receipt and disposition generally of federal aid moneys; deposit in special fund.

(1) The Governor may apply for, accept and receive, or authorize any state agency to apply for, accept and receive, financial assistance and grants from the United States or any of its agencies, subject to the terms and conditions thereof, for financing the cost of any federally sponsored program or project deemed beneficial to the State of Oregon. Applications for grants, except where precluded by federal law, shall include requests for funds adequate to accomplish the objectives of the grant proposal including moneys to pay for the audit, or audits, of the financial transactions as required by the grantor or state statutes. Moneys included in a grant award budgeted for auditing the grant or program shall not be used for any other purpose. Regulations established by the federal government relating to such grants shall be applicable to the extent they are not in conflict with state laws.

(2) The Governor may disburse or supervise the disbursement of federal aid received under the provisions of subsection (1) of this section, or the Governor may designate a state agency to disburse or supervise the disbursement of such federal aid.

(3) The Governor shall deposit money received pursuant to this section in a special fund with the State Treasurer as provided in ORS 293.265 to 293.275. The money shall be expended, pursuant to subsection (2) of this section, for the purposes for and in accordance with the terms by which it is received, subject to the provisions of subsection (5) of this section and ORS 291.260.

(4) Subsections (1) to (3) of this section shall not supersede the provisions of any special statute empowering a state agency to apply for, accept and receive federal aid for any specific purpose.

(5) Funds received under subsection (1) of this section shall be expended subject to expenditure limitations imposed on the receiving state agency by the Legislative Assembly or, in the absence of such limitations, only after approval of the Legislative Assembly or of the Emergency Board, if approval is required during the interim between sessions of the Legislative Assembly.

(6) In any case where prior approval of the authority to expend any funds available under subsection (1) of this section is imposed as a term or condition to receipt of such funds, the Legislative Assembly or the Emergency Board may approve expenditure of such funds prior to their receipt. [1965 c.11 §1; 1967 c.57 §1; 1979 c.456 §1]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008