Oregon Statutes - Chapter 307 - Property Subject to Taxation; Exemptions - Section 307.380 - Necessity of filing claim to secure exemption under ORS 307.370.

(1) Each corporation described in ORS 307.375, claiming the personal property tax exemption pursuant to ORS 307.370, shall file with the county assessor, on forms supplied by the assessor, a written claim therefor in duplicate on or before April 1 of each year in which the exemption is claimed, except that when the property designated is acquired after March 1 and before July 1, the claim for that year shall be filed within 30 days after the date of acquisition. If the claim for any year is not filed within the time specified, the exemption shall not be allowed on the assessment roll for that year. The claim shall be signed by the taxpayer subject to the penalties for false swearing.

(2)(a) Each corporation annually shall aid residents, who could qualify for property tax exemptions pursuant to ORS 307.250 to 307.283, if the living unit of such elderly person were the homestead of the person and owned in fee simple, to prepare applications in duplicate for property tax exemptions on behalf of the corporation, for the benefit of the elderly person as provided by ORS 307.370 to 307.385 and 308.490. The duplicate forms shall be completed and signed by the resident-applicant and filed with the assessor on or before the date required by law.

(b) The corporation shall determine the amount of assessed value that each resident of a nonprofit home who would have qualified for an exemption under ORS 307.250 to 307.283 would have had exempted if the living unit of such elderly person was the homestead of the person and owned in fee simple. The amount of the property tax exemption provided for in ORS 307.370 to 307.385 and 308.490 and attributable to the veteran or surviving spouse of the veteran shall be the lesser of:

(A) The maximum amount of exemption that the veteran or surviving spouse of a veteran would have qualified for under ORS 307.250 or 307.283, whichever is applicable; or

(B) The assessed value of the living unit of the veteran or the surviving spouse.

(c) The assessor shall process each such application in the manner otherwise required under ORS 307.250 to 307.283, except for the requirement of owning or purchasing a homestead. The total of such exempt amounts in each facility, together with the exemption on personal property, shall constitute the exemption allowed the corporation.

(3) The assessor shall act upon the claim and shall approve it or reject it, noting the action upon both the original and the duplicate copies. The duplicate copy thereupon shall be returned to the claimant.

(4) The Department of Revenue shall furnish to a county assessor, upon request, a statement certifying the qualification or nonqualification of a corporation under ORS 307.375. [1969 c.587 §4; 1971 c.747 §15; 1975 c.780 §1; 1981 c.530 §7; 1981 c.682 §4; 1987 c.293 §65; 1987 c.756 §16; 1997 c.113 §7]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008