Oregon Statutes - Chapter 307 - Property Subject to Taxation; Exemptions - Section 307.405 - Pollution control facilities; qualifications; expiration; revocation; limitations.

(1) A pollution control facility or facilities which have been constructed in accordance with the requirements of ORS 468.165 (1), and have been certified by the Environmental Quality Commission pursuant to ORS 468.170 are exempt to the extent of the highest percentage figure certified by the Environmental Quality Commission as the portion of the actual cost properly allocable to the prevention, control or reduction of pollution. The exemption shall be allowed only if the taxpayer is a corporation organized under ORS chapter 62 or 65, or any predecessor to ORS chapter 62 relating to incorporation of cooperative associations, or is a subsequent transferee of such a corporation. If the subsequent transferee is organized under other than ORS chapter 62 or 65, the exemption shall only be allowed if the transfer occurs after the expiration of five years from the date of original certification by the commission.

(2) To qualify for the ad valorem tax relief:

(a) The pollution control facility must be erected, constructed or installed in connection with the trade or business conducted by the taxpayer on Oregon property owned or leased by said taxpayer.

(b) The taxpayer must be the owner of the trade or business that utilizes Oregon property requiring a pollution control facility to prevent or minimize pollution or a person who, as a lessee under a written lease or pursuant to a written agreement, conducts the trade or business that operates or utilizes such property and who by the terms of such lease or agreement is obliged to pay the ad valorem taxes on such property. As used in this subsection, “owner” includes a contract purchaser.

(3) The ad valorem exemption of a facility shall expire, in any event, 20 years from the date of its first certification for any owner or lessee by the Environmental Quality Commission.

(4) Upon any sale, exchange, or other disposition of a facility, notice thereof shall be given to the Environmental Quality Commission who shall revoke the certification covering such facility as of the date of such disposition. The transferee may apply for a new certificate under ORS 468.170, but the number of years of ad valorem tax exemption that may be claimed by the transferee is the remainder of the exemption period specified in subsection (3) of this section.

(5) If the facility also functions to prevent pollution from operations conducted on other property owned or leased by the taxpayer the Environmental Quality Commission shall state in its certification of the facility the percentage of the facility used to prevent pollution from such qualifying trade or business conducted on such qualifying property. The exemption from ad valorem taxes under this section shall be limited to such percentage of the value of the facility. [1967 c.592 §13; 1969 c.340 §1; 1971 c.678 §1; 1973 c.831 §7; 1977 c.795 §9; 1987 c.596 §1; 1989 c.802 §1]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008