Oregon Statutes - Chapter 307 - Property Subject to Taxation; Exemptions - Section 307.531 - Termination of exemption without notice; grounds; additional taxes after termination.

(1) If, after application has been approved under ORS 307.527, a declaration as defined in ORS 100.005 with respect to the property is presented to the county assessor or tax collector for approval under ORS 100.110, or if the governing body should file its termination findings with the county assessor pursuant to ORS 307.529:

(a) The exemption granted the housing unit or portion under ORS 307.515 to 307.523 shall terminate immediately, without right of notice or appeal;

(b) The property or a portion of the property shall be assessed and taxed as other property similarly situated is assessed and taxed; and

(c) Notwithstanding ORS 311.235, there shall be added to the general property tax roll for the tax year next following the presentation or discovery, to be collected and distributed in the same manner as other real property tax, an amount equal to the difference between the taxes assessed against the property and the taxes that would have been assessed against the property had it not been exempt under ORS 307.515 to 307.523 for each of the years, not to exceed the last 10 years, during which the property was exempt from taxation under ORS 307.515 to 307.523.

(2) If, at the time of presentation or discovery, the property is no longer exempt, additional taxes shall be collected as provided in this section, but the number of years for which the additional taxes shall be collected shall be reduced by one year for each year that has elapsed since the year the property was last granted exemption beginning with the oldest year for which additional taxes are due.

(3) The assessment and tax rolls shall show potential additional tax liability for each property granted exemption under ORS 307.515 to 307.523.

(4) Additional taxes collected under this section shall be deemed to have been imposed in the year to which the additional taxes relate. [1989 c.803 §9; 1991 c.459 §66; 1991 c.930 §8]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008