Oregon Statutes - Chapter 311 - Collection of Property Taxes - Section 311.105 - Certificate of taxes levied or imposed; preparation; contents; delivery.

(1) After the assessor has completed the apportionment, extension and imposition of taxes on property on the assessment roll, the assessor shall make a certificate, in duplicate, containing a list of all taxing districts, and the following information:

(a) Based on the amounts determined under ORS 310.153, the assessor shall list the total amount of taxes on property levied or imposed on property within the county by each district, the total amount of each special assessment and of each kind of fee or other charge authorized or required by law to be placed upon the tax roll for each district.

(b) There shall be deducted from the amount in paragraph (a) of this subsection any loss caused by truncating the tax rate as required by ORS 310.090.

(c) The total amount, paragraphs (a) minus (b) of this subsection, of taxes, assessments, fees and other charges to be raised for each district by the tax roll and any property tax amounts to be paid by the state and the total thereof.

(d) The total amount of taxes on property actually imposed on property in the county by each district within the limits of section 11b, Article XI of the Oregon Constitution.

(e) The total amount of loss in each category identified in ORS 310.150 by district due to proration of taxes on property, which is the total amount of taxes to be levied or charged, less the amount actually imposed.

(f) The amount to be imposed by the tax collector against real property, against personal property, and against property assessed pursuant to ORS 308.505 to 308.665.

(2) The assessor shall include on the roll only taxes on property certified under ORS 310.060 that are imposed on property subject to ad valorem taxation and other amounts specifically authorized by law to be included on the roll.

(3) The certificate also shall contain the list required under ORS 310.147.

(4) The assessor shall deliver one copy of the certificate to the county clerk. [Amended by 1963 c.238 §6; 1965 c.344 §12; 1969 c.595 §5; 1975 c.780 §9; 1979 c.350 §11; 1991 c.459 §229; 1993 c.270 §53; 1995 c.79 §143; 1997 c.541 §274]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008