Oregon Statutes - Chapter 311 - Collection of Property Taxes - Section 311.229 - Taxes added to rolls become liens; delinquency of additional taxes; interest.

(1) When the taxes are added to an assessment or tax roll under ORS 311.216 to 311.232, the additional taxes shall be added to the tax extended against the property on the general property tax roll for the tax year following the current tax year, to be collected and distributed in the same manner as other ad valorem property taxes imposed on the property. Notwithstanding ORS 311.226, for purposes of collection and enforcement, the additional taxes added to the roll under this subsection shall be considered delinquent as of the date the other taxes for the year in which the additional taxes are added to the roll become delinquent.

(2) When it appears to the satisfaction of the assessor that the omission of the property was due to a willful attempt to evade the payment of taxes on the property, then the assessor shall so advise the tax collector and interest at the rate provided in ORS 311.505 (2) shall be added to the amounts so charged, which interest shall be computed from the date or dates that payment of the charges were properly due, and which interest shall continue to run until payment of the charges.

(3) Additional taxes arising from the assessment of omitted property under ORS 311.216 to 311.232 may be paid to the tax collector prior to the completion of the next general property tax roll, pursuant to ORS 311.370.

(4) For purposes of this section, “additional taxes” includes increases in taxes that have already been extended on the roll. [Formerly 311.213; 1999 c.862 §2; 2001 c.303 §8]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008