Oregon Statutes - Chapter 314 - Taxes Imposed Upon or Measured by Net Income - Section 314.870 - Time for performing certain acts postponed by reason of service in a combat zone.

(1) Section 7508 of the Internal Revenue Code, insofar as it describes periods of time to be disregarded with respect to the performance of acts relative to federal income tax liability of an individual (or individual and spouse) who performs service in an area designated as a combat zone, or is hospitalized as a result of injury received while serving in such area, shall apply as appropriate to the same or similar acts for purposes of the tax imposed by this chapter and ORS chapter 316.

(2) If an individual is entitled to the benefits of subsection (1) of this section with respect to any return and if the return is timely filed (determined after the application of subsection (1) of this section), then notwithstanding ORS 314.415 or other law, any overpayment of tax with respect to such return shall bear interest from the due date of the return (determined without the application of subsection (1) of this section).

(3) If the federal income tax liability of any taxpayer is forgiven under section 692 of the Internal Revenue Code for any tax period, then the Oregon income tax liability for the same tax period shall be forgiven in the same manner. [1991 c.177 §4; 1997 c.839 §63; 1999 c.224 §10]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008