Oregon Statutes - Chapter 323 - Cigarettes and Tobacco Products - Section 323.385 - Jeopardy determinations.

(1) If the Department of Revenue believes that the collection of any amount of tax required to be paid by any person under ORS 323.005 to 323.482 will be jeopardized by delay, it shall thereupon make a determination of the amount of tax, noting that fact upon the determination. The amount determined is immediately due and payable, with interest and penalty as provided in ORS 323.381.

(2) If the amount of the tax, interest, and penalty specified in the jeopardy determination is not paid within 20 days after service upon the person of notice of the determination, the determination becomes final, unless a petition for redetermination is filed within the 20 days.

(3) The person against whom a jeopardy determination is made may petition for the redetermination thereof pursuant to ORS 323.416. The person shall, however, file the petition for redetermination with the department within 20 days after the service upon the person of notice of the determination. The person shall at the time of filing the petition for redetermination deposit with the department such security as it may deem necessary to insure compliance with ORS 323.005 to 323.482. The security may be sold by the department at public sale if it becomes necessary in order to recover any amount due. Notice of the sale may be served upon the person who deposited the security personally or by mail in the same manner as prescribed pursuant to ORS 323.403. Upon any such sale, the surplus, if any, above the amount due under ORS 323.005 to 323.482 shall be returned to the person who deposited the security. [1965 c.525 §80; 1999 c.62 §18]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008