Oregon Statutes - Chapter 324 - Oil and Gas Tax - Section 324.320 - Rulemaking authority of department.

(1) The Department of Revenue is authorized to adopt all necessary rules for the purpose of making and filing all reports required under this chapter and otherwise necessary to the enforcement of this chapter.

(2) The department may, at its option and discretion, require a sufficient bond from any person charged with the making and filing of reports and the payment of the taxes imposed by this chapter. The bond shall run to the State of Oregon and shall be conditioned upon the making and filing of reports as required by law, upon compliance with the rules of the department, and for the prompt payment, by the principal, of all taxes justly due the state by virtue of the provisions of this chapter.

(3) When any reports required have not been filed, or may be insufficient to furnish all the information required by the department, the department shall institute, in the name of the State of Oregon, upon relation of the department, any necessary action or proceedings in the court having jurisdiction, to enjoin the person from continuing operations until the reports have been filed as required, and in all proper cases, injunction shall issue without bond from the State of Oregon.

(4) Upon showing that the state is in danger of losing its claims or the property is being mismanaged, dissipated or concealed, a receiver shall be appointed at the suit of the state. [1981 c.889 §18]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008