Oregon Statutes - Chapter 328 - Local Financing of Education - Section 328.555 - Property liable for district indebtedness; tax levy.

(1) All taxable property in a school district at the time any indebtedness is incurred by such district and all taxable property subsequently located in the area comprising such district shall be liable to taxation for the payment of such indebtedness until paid.

(2) No taxable property in territory included in a school district whose boundaries change as a result of creation, annexation, abolition and other alteration of the school district shall be relieved from liability for any indebtedness incurred prior to a boundary change. The district school board of the district in which are located the school facilities for which the indebtedness was incurred shall levy an annual tax on all taxable property in such territory sufficient to meet the interest payments and retire the indebtedness, but no tax levy shall be necessary as long as other provisions are made for the payment of the indebtedness.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008