Oregon Statutes - Chapter 35 - Eminent Domain; Public Acquisition of Property - Section 35.505 - Relocation within neighborhood; notice prior to move; costs and allowances.

(1) A public entity undertaking urban renewal or neighborhood development shall make all reasonable efforts to insure that all displaced persons shall have the option to relocate within their urban renewal or development neighborhood or area and shall not be displaced, except temporarily as required by emergency, until appropriate residential units shall become available to them within their neighborhood or area and within their financial means.

(2) Except as required by emergency, no displaced person shall be required to move from any real property without first having written notice from the public entity at least 90 days prior to the date by which the move is required. In no case shall any displaced person be required to move until the public entity notifies the person in writing of all costs and allowances to which such person may become entitled under federal, state or local law. [Formerly 281.055]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008