Oregon Statutes - Chapter 352 - State and Independent Institutions of Higher Education - Section 352.002 - Oregon University System.

The Oregon University System consists of the programs, activities and institutions of higher education under the jurisdiction of the State Board of Higher Education including the following:

(1) University of Oregon.

(2) Oregon State University.

(3) Portland State University.

(4) Oregon Institute of Technology.

(5) Western Oregon University.

(6) Southern Oregon University.

(7) Eastern Oregon University. [1987 c.246 §1; 1995 c.162 §74; 1995 c.612 §§10,11; 1997 c.11 §1; 2001 c.382 §1]

Note: Sections 1 and 2, chapter 529, Oregon Laws 2007, provide:

Sec. 1. Student voting plan. Each community college and state institution of higher education listed in ORS 352.002 shall adopt a plan, in consultation with the recognized student government of the college or institution, to increase student voter registration and voting in elections. Each plan shall:

(1) Ensure that all students receive information about voting and the opportunities available on campus to register to vote;

(2) Ensure that all students receive information about activities relating to voting that are prohibited by law and the penalties for those activities;

(3) Address the distribution and collection of voter registration cards, as defined in ORS 247.002, during the first three weeks of each academic term;

(4) Require that voter registration cards be made available in residence halls, campus bookstores, places where students register for classes, financial aid offices and student adviser offices;

(5) Require college and institution administrators to communicate with faculty, staff and students about deadlines for voter registration; and

(6) Include a campus-wide advertising campaign to advise students of the deadline for delivering ballots by mail. [2007 c.529 §1]

Sec. 2. Each community college and state institution of higher education shall adopt the plan required by section 1 of this 2007 Act not later than February 1, 2008. [2007 c.529 §2]

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