Oregon Statutes - Chapter 352 - State and Independent Institutions of Higher Education - Section 352.400 - Program purpose and function.

Programs prepared under ORS 352.390 shall include proposals for training students and utilizing resources in the following, using the region in which the institute is located as the training area:

(1) Developing specific resources on the campus where the institute is to be located to assist with orderly and balanced economic and community services and for the development and implementation of training and assistance programs;

(2) Providing technical and research assistance on request to political subdivisions, special districts, businesses located in the region and businesses which might prospectively locate in the region;

(3) Locating markets for local manufacturers and processors and aiding local merchants in locating and contacting markets;

(4) Investigating and studying conditions affecting local business, industry and commerce and collecting and disseminating information, and engaging in technical studies, scientific investigations, and statistical research and educational activities necessary or useful for the promoting and developing local business and industry upon request of local business and industry for such aid;

(5) Assembling and coordinating information relative to the status, scope, cost and employment possibilities and the availability of materials, equipment and labor in connection with public works projects, state, county and municipal; recommending limitations on public works; gathering current progress information with respect to public works being conducted in the local area and report such information to the Oregon Economic and Community Development Commission where such sources in the region do not presently exist;

(6) Gathering, compiling and making available statistical information relating to business, trade, commerce, industry, transportation, communication, natural resources and other related subjects in the region, with reliance on other agencies of the state and the region, whether public or private, for statistical data and results obtained by them;

(7) Publishing, disseminating and distributing information and statistics acquired by the institute;

(8) Aiding the communities in the region in getting businesses to locate therein by disseminating information as to natural resources, desirable locations and other advantages of the community upon request of the community for such aid;

(9) Cooperating with municipal, county, regional and other planning agencies and planning groups within the state for the purpose of promoting coordination between the state and localities as to plans and development in order to maintain a high level of gainful employment in private profitable production and achieve commensurate advancement in social and cultural welfare; and

(10) Aiding in coordinating the activities of statewide and local planning agencies, correlating information secured from them, assisting in problem solving and resolving state department concerns on a regional level if appropriate, securing and disseminating information and suggestions to such planning agencies; and encouraging and assisting in the organization and functioning of local planning agencies where none exist. [1973 c.692 §2; 1979 c.620 §2; 1995 c.79 §195]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008