Oregon Statutes - Chapter 36 - Mediation and Arbitration - Section 36.190 - Stipulation to mediation; selection of mediator; stay of proceedings.

(1) On written stipulation of all parties at any time prior to trial, the parties may elect to mediate their civil dispute under the terms and conditions of ORS 36.185 to 36.210.

(2) Upon referral or election to mediate, the parties shall select a mediator by written stipulation or shall follow procedures for assignment of a mediator from the courtís panel of mediators.

(3) During the period of any referred or elected mediation under ORS 36.185 to 36.210, all trial and discovery timelines and requirements shall be tolled and stayed as to the participants. Such tolling shall commence on the date of the referral or election to mediate and shall end on the date the court is notified in writing of the termination of the mediation by the mediator or one party requests the case be put back on the docket. All time limits and schedules shall be tolled, except that a judge shall have discretion to adhere to preexisting pretrial order dates, trial dates or dates relating to temporary relief. [1989 c.718 §20]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008