Oregon Statutes - Chapter 366 - State Highways and State Highway Fund - Section 366.290 - Adding to or removing roads from state highway system; responsibility for construction and maintenance.

(1) The Department of Transportation may select, locate, establish, designate, improve and maintain out of the highway fund a system of state highways, and for that purpose may, by mutual agreement with several counties, select county roads or public roads. By an appropriate order entered in its records the department may designate and adopt such roads as state highways. Thereafter the construction, improvement, maintenance and repair of such roads shall be under the jurisdiction of the department.

(2) In the selection of highways or roads to comprise the state highway system the department shall give consideration to and shall select such county roads or public roads as will contribute to and best promote the completion of an adequate system of state highways.

(3) With the written consent of the county in which a particular highway or part thereof is located, the department may, when in its opinion the interests of the state will be best served, eliminate from the state highway system any road or highway or part thereof. Thereafter the road or highway or part thereof eliminated shall become a county road or highway, and the construction, repair, maintenance or improvement, and jurisdiction over such highway shall be exclusively under the county in which such highway or road is located.

(4) The construction, maintenance and repair of state highways shall be carried on at the sole expense of the state or at the expense of the state and the county by mutual agreement between the department and the county in which any particular state highway is located. [Amended by 1953 c.252 §2; 1979 c.223 §1]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008