Oregon Statutes - Chapter 367 - Transportation Financing; Projects - Section 367.035 - Loans to municipalities; authority of municipalities; repayment plan.

(1) Notwithstanding any other provision of law or any restriction on indebtedness contained in a charter, a municipality may obtain an infrastructure loan from the Department of Transportation by entering into a loan contract with the department. A municipality that obtains an infrastructure loan may pledge to the repayment of the loan all or any portion of the revenue sources specified in this subsection. A municipality shall repay an infrastructure loan in accordance with the terms of the loan contract and to the extent required by the loan contract from any or all of the following sources:

(a) Revenues of any transportation project, including special assessment revenues;

(b) Moneys withheld under subsection (3) or (5) of this section;

(c) The general fund of the municipality; or

(d) Any other sources including, but not limited to, an appropriation or allocation to a county under ORS 366.762 to 366.768 or to a city under ORS 366.785 to 366.820.

(2) An infrastructure loan contract with a municipality may provide that a portion of the proceeds of the loan be applied to fund a reserve fund to secure the repayment of the loan or secure the repayment of revenue bonds issued to finance the loan.

(3) An infrastructure loan contract with a city or county may provide that all or a portion of the principal and interest on an infrastructure loan be repaid by withholding all or a portion of an apportionment due to a county under ORS 366.762 to 366.768 or due to a city under ORS 366.785 to 366.820. The department shall immediately transfer funds withheld under this subsection from the State Highway Fund to the Oregon Transportation Infrastructure Fund.

(4) A municipality that intends to obtain an infrastructure loan shall adopt an ordinance or resolution authorizing the infrastructure loan.

(5) If a municipality fails to comply with the terms of an infrastructure loan contract, the department may seek any legal or equitable remedy to obtain compliance or payment of damages. If any municipality fails to make an infrastructure loan payment when due, the State of Oregon shall, at the request of the department, withhold any funds due to the municipality from the state and apply the amounts withheld to pay the entire amount owed by the municipality under the infrastructure loan contract. The department shall deposit funds withheld under this subsection in the account of the infrastructure fund to which the municipality’s infrastructure loan payments are required to be deposited. The department may waive the right of the State of Oregon to withhold moneys under this subsection only if the department has not pledged the right as security for the repayment of infrastructure bonds. [1997 c.679 §7; 2003 c.201 §14]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008