Oregon Statutes - Chapter 368 - County Roads - Section 368.171 - Order, costs and damages under proceeding with road viewers.

(1) After completion of proceedings under ORS 368.161 to 368.171 and consideration of matters and issues presented during the proceedings, the county governing body shall determine whether a public need exists for the public road and shall enter an order or resolution granting or denying the property acquisition. If the county governing body enters the order or resolution establishing a public road, the order or resolution shall:

(a) Describe the exact location and width of any public road established;

(b) Designate amounts of damages and costs incurred under the proceedings, persons entitled to payment of costs or damages and persons liable for payment of the costs or damages; and

(c) Assess costs under ORS 368.111.

(2) The requirements under this section are in addition to requirements under ORS 368.106. [1981 c.153 §20]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008