Oregon Statutes - Chapter 368 - County Roads - Section 368.920 - Expense of repairs as lien on abutting property.

The assessment mentioned in ORS 368.915 and interest are a lien upon the abutting property from the date of the filing with the county clerk of the order of the county governing body for the repairs under ORS 368.910. No transfer, sale or division of the abutting land, or change in its legal description, divests the lien from the whole of the original abutting land. Failure to enter the name of the owner or mistake in the name of the owner in the order for repairs in no way renders void any assessment and in no way affects the lien on the property described. The lien has priority over all other liens and encumbrances, except tax liens. Upon payment in full of the assessment and interest, the county sheriff shall enter satisfaction by a notation in the record kept by the county clerk, and the property is thereby discharged from the lien.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008