Oregon Statutes - Chapter 371 - Road Districts and Road Assessment Plans - Section 371.356 - Election to approve zones within special road district.

(1) Following the notice required under ORS 371.354, the district board of a special road district seeking to establish tax zones shall conduct a public hearing at which district residents and property owners may testify about the proposed zones.

(2) Following the hearing, if the district board decides to proceed, the district board shall submit a measure to the electors of the district that establishes the zones and zone boundaries. The measure shall state the operating tax rates proposed to apply to each zone, stated as a percentage, not to exceed 100 percent, of the lesser of the districtís statutory or permanent rate limit. The measure may contain any other provisions deemed necessary by the district board.

(3) The measure shall be approved and the tax zones established if a majority of district electors voting on the question vote in favor of the measure.

(4) If district electors establish tax zones within a road district pursuant to this section, the operating tax rate applicable to each zone may not be modified for three tax years following zone establishment.

(5) If tax zones within a road district are established under this section, zone boundaries may not be changed unless notice of the zone boundary change is given and elector approval of the change is obtained in the same manner as zones are established under ORS 371.353 to 371.357. [2001 c.553 §4]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008