Oregon Statutes - Chapter 383 - Tollways - Section 383.001 - Findings.

The Legislative Assembly finds that:

(1) The development, improvement, expansion and maintenance of an efficient, safe and well-maintained system of roads, highways and other transportation facilities is essential to the economic well-being and high quality of life of the people of this state.

(2) Public sources of revenues, including federal funding, to provide an efficient transportation system have not kept pace with the state’s growing population and growing transportation needs, and all available alternative sources of funding should be utilized to supplement available public sources of revenues.

(3) Because public funding sources are not providing the state with sufficient funds to meet all of its transportation needs, private funding should be encouraged as an additional source of funding for transportation projects and facilities.

(4) Various alternatives for utilizing the funds of private entities in the acquisition, design, construction, reconstruction, operation and maintenance of transportation facilities exist, including arrangements whereby private entities obtain exclusive agreements to design, build, own, lease or operate with private funds all or a portion of transportation projects and facilities in exchange for the right to receive certain revenues generated from the operation and utilization of such transportation projects and facilities.

(5) Another important alternative for the funding of transportation facilities is the use of federal funds pursuant to 23 U.S.C. 129(a), as amended by section 112 of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991, which established a program authorizing federal participation in construction of publicly or privately owned toll highways, bridges and tunnels.

(6) The federal legislation allows for a mix of federal funding and private funding of transportation facilities, allowing the states to leverage available federal funds as a means for attracting private capital.

(7) Legislation for the utilization of private funding of transportation facilities should be flexible enough to permit the Department of Transportation to obtain the advantages of any available alternative under which the acquisition, design, construction, reconstruction, operation, maintenance and repair of transportation facilities can be financed in whole or in part or in combination by any available sources of private or public funding.

(8) The funding of transportation facilities through the imposition of tolls on those who use such facilities is a fair and impartial means of assessing the costs of improvements against those who most benefit from such improvements, and is consistent with public policy.

(9) Joint endeavors of public and private entities do the following:

(a) Take advantage of private sector efficiencies in designing, constructing and operating transportation projects.

(b) Allow for the rapid formation of capital necessary for funding transportation projects.

(c) Require continued compliance with environmental requirements and applicable state and federal laws that all publicly financed projects must address. [1995 c.668 §1]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008