Oregon Statutes - Chapter 396 - Militia Generally - Section 396.150 - Adjutant General; appointment and tenure; qualifications; grade.

(1) The Governor shall appoint an Adjutant General who shall hold office for a four-year term or until relieved by reason of resignation, withdrawal of federal recognition or for cause to be determined by a court-martial. The current term of an Adjutant General shall continue until its prescribed expiration date while such Adjutant General is serving in a federal active duty status under an order or call by the President of the United States. Voluntary entry onto extended active duty by a person holding the office of Adjutant General shall be an automatic resignation of such officer.

(2) To be eligible for appointment to the office of Adjutant General, a person must be an officer of the Oregon National Guard, federally recognized in the grade of lieutenant colonel or higher, and must have completed at least six years’ service in the Oregon National Guard as a federally recognized officer.

(3) The Adjutant General may be appointed in the grade of lieutenant colonel or higher, but not exceeding that of major general. If appointed in a lower grade, the Adjutant General may be promoted by the Governor to any grade not exceeding that of major general, to serve in such grade only upon receipt of federal recognition therein. [1961 c.454 §8]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008