Oregon Statutes - Chapter 398 - Military Justice - Section 398.056 - Imposition of restraint; “arrest” and “confinement” defined.

(1) Arrest is the restraint of a person by an order, not imposed as a punishment for an offense, directing the person to remain within certain specified limits. Confinement is the physical restraint of a person.

(2) An enlisted member may be ordered into arrest or confinement by any commissioned officer by an oral or written order, delivered in person or through other persons subject to this chapter or through any person authorized by this chapter to apprehend persons. A commanding officer may authorize warrant officers or noncommissioned officers to order enlisted members of the command of the officer or subject to the authority of the officer into arrest or confinement.

(3) A commissioned officer or warrant officer may be ordered apprehended or into arrest or confinement only by a commanding officer to whose authority the officer is subject, by an order, oral or written, delivered in person or by another commissioned officer. The authority to order such persons apprehended or into arrest or confinement may not be delegated.

(4) No person may be ordered apprehended or into arrest or confinement except for probable cause.

(5) Nothing in this section shall be construed to limit the authority of persons authorized to apprehend offenders to secure the custody of an alleged offender until proper authority may be notified. [1961 c.454 §86]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008