Oregon Statutes - Chapter 421 - Department of Corrections Institutions; Compacts - Section 421.637 - When department required to propose site; criteria; report; media notice.

When directed by executive order of the Governor, the Department of Corrections shall:

(1) Propose a site for the construction and operation of a women’s correctional facility and intake center complex in this state. The department shall consider the following criteria:

(a) Interest demonstrated by local jurisdictions in having the site selected for a women’s correctional facility and intake center complex. A local jurisdiction may demonstrate interest by presenting to the Director of the Department of Corrections a resolution setting forth such interest.

(b) The availability or the ability of local jurisdictions to provide adequate infrastructure to serve the complex.

(c) Natural features that allow design features to promote compatibility with surroundings.

(d) The availability of the site by purchase, condemnation, exchange or otherwise.

(e) The sufficiency of the size and shape of the site to accommodate the complex.

(f) Whether the site is located in an area designated as a 100-year floodplain on a current map of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

(g) Whether the site is located in a tsunami inundation zone.

(h) Whether the site either has infrastructure available on-site or the infrastructure otherwise can be provided and maintained. For purposes of this paragraph, “infrastructure” includes but is not limited to:

(A) Water for domestic use, fire protection and irrigation;

(B) Sanitary sewer collection and treatment;

(C) Surface drainage storm water collection and disposal; and

(D) Electricity, natural gas, oil or propane and telecommunications.

(i) Whether the site is served by a road or highway system capable of supporting the complex. New roadway improvements should be able to be constructed and available at the time the complex is scheduled to open.

(2) Publish an initial report stating the conclusions of the department with regard to the proposed site.

(3) Provide copies of the report to:

(a) Each of the county commissioners in the county where the proposed site is located;

(b) Each of the city council members where the proposed site is located if the site is in a city;

(c) Governmental agencies that may be called upon to provide services to the complex, including police, fire, water, sewage, roads and public transit; and

(d) Any member of the public who requests a copy and pays a fee as set by the department.

(4) Provide media notice regarding the process and the proposed site, including but not limited to publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the county or counties where the site is located. [1999 c.982 §3]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008