Oregon Statutes - Chapter 435 - Birth Control; Termination of Pregnancy - Section 435.070 - Appeal of revocation and seizure orders.

(1) A licensee may, within 30 days from the date of the service of notice of revocation, appeal to the circuit court of the county in which the licensee is doing business under the license for a review of the action of the State Board of Pharmacy in revoking the license and of the action of the sheriff in making a seizure thereunder.

(2) The appeal shall be taken by filing in the circuit court a copy of the notice of revocation and a denial or statement in writing and sworn to by the licensee putting in issue such facts in connection therewith as the licensee may desire to dispute or put in controversy. A copy of this sworn statement shall be served upon the State Board of Pharmacy by the licensee at the time of filing the same.

(3) The court may then proceed to hear and dispose of the matter in a summary manner upon such testimony and evidence as the licensee and the State Board of Pharmacy, the Attorney General or the district attorney of the county in question shall offer.

(4) If the court finds that the action of the State Board of Pharmacy in revoking such license or in making such seizure was without sufficient grounds, it shall order the license to be reinstated and the property seized to be restored. If the court finds that the licensee has been guilty of a violation of ORS 435.010 to 435.130 and that the revocation of license was justifiable, the property seized shall be ordered by the court to be destroyed and the sheriff shall carry out such order.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008