Oregon Statutes - Chapter 442 - Health Planning - Section 442.425 - Authority over reporting systems of facilities.

(1) The Administrator of the Office for Oregon Health Policy and Research by rule may specify one or more uniform systems of financial reporting necessary to meet the requirements of ORS 442.400 to 442.463. Such systems shall include such cost allocation methods as may be prescribed and such records and reports of revenues, expenses, other income and other outlays, assets and liabilities, and units of service as may be prescribed. Each facility under the administratorís jurisdiction shall adopt such systems for its fiscal period starting on or after the effective date of such system and shall make the required reports on such forms as may be required by the administrator. The administrator may extend the period by which compliance is required upon timely application and for good cause. Filings of such records and reports shall be made at such times as may be reasonably required by the administrator.

(2) Existing systems of reporting used by health care facilities shall be given due consideration by the administrator in carrying out the duty of specifying the systems of reporting required by ORS 442.400 to 442.463. The administrator insofar as reasonably possible shall adopt reporting systems and requirements that will not unreasonably increase the administrative costs of the facility.

(3) The administrator may allow and provide for modifications in the reporting systems in order to correctly reflect differences in the scope or type of services and financial structure between the various categories, sizes or types of health care facilities and in a manner consistent with the purposes of ORS 442.400 to 442.463.

(4) The administrator may establish specific annual reporting provisions for facilities that receive a preponderance of their revenue from associated comprehensive group-practice prepayment health care service plans. Notwithstanding any other provisions of ORS 441.055 and 442.400 to 442.463, such facilities shall be authorized to utilize established accounting systems and to report costs and revenues in a manner consistent with the operating principles of such plans and with generally accepted accounting principles. When such facilities are operated as units of a coordinated group of health facilities under common ownership, the facilities shall be authorized to report as a group rather than as individual institutions, and as a group shall submit a consolidated balance sheet, income and expense statement and statement of source and application of funds for such group of health facilities. [Formerly 441.440; 1981 c.693 §18; 1995 c.727 §27; 1997 c.683 §23; 1999 c.581 §5]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008