Oregon Statutes - Chapter 450 - Sanitary Districts and Authorities; Water Authorities - Section 450.075 - Powers of sanitary district.

A sanitary district may:

(1) Have and use a common seal.

(2) Sue and be sued in its name.

(3) Acquire, construct, reconstruct, alter, enlarge, renew, replace, operate and maintain such sewage collection and disposal systems as in the judgment of the board are necessary and proper for the area of the district. In the performance of these functions, either in or out of the district, it may join with any other public body as defined in ORS 174.109, a federal agency or another state in the joint establishment, maintenance and operation of such works, and may contract therefor within the limits of authority conferred by ORS 450.005 to 450.245.

(4) Permit the use, by lease or otherwise, of any property of the district by any other public body as defined in ORS 174.109, a federal agency or another state.

(5) Acquire by purchase, gift, devise, condemnation proceedings or otherwise, such real and personal property and rights of way, either within or without the limits of the district, as in the judgment of the board are necessary or proper to the exercise of its powers, and to pay for and hold the same.

(6) Make and accept contracts, deeds, releases and documents that, in the judgment of the board, are necessary or proper in the exercise of any of the powers of the district.

(7) Issue bonds as provided in ORS 450.095 to 450.125.

(8) Determine the rate of levy of taxes in the district, and fix sewer rentals, charges and assessments as provided in ORS 450.130 to 450.175.

(9) Employ and pay necessary agents, employees and assistants.

(10) Lay its sewers and drains in any public street or road in the county, and for this purpose enter upon it and make all necessary and proper excavations, restoring it to its proper condition. However, the consent of the proper city, county or state authorities, as the case may be, shall first be obtained and the conditions of such consent complied with.

(11) Maintain and operate disposal sites and solid waste collection and disposal systems in compliance with ORS 459.005 to 459.437, 459.992 (1) and (2) and 466.995 (1).

(12) Call all necessary elections.

(13) Compel all residents and property owners in the district to connect their houses and structures requiring sewage or drainage disposal with adjacent street sewers, drains or other sewage disposal system of the district.

(14) Do any act necessary or proper to the complete exercise and effect of any of its powers or for the purposes for which it was formed.

(15) Make and enforce all necessary and proper regulations for:

(a) The cleanliness of roads and streets of the district.

(b) All other sanitary purposes not in conflict with the laws of this state.

(16) Make and enforce necessary and proper regulations governing the storage, collection, transportation and disposal of solid wastes where such regulations are supplemental to the requirements of the Environmental Quality Commission adopted pursuant to ORS 459.045 and are necessary to meet special local conditions. [Amended by 1967 c.428 §13; 1969 c.563 §12; 1969 c.593 §38; 1971 c.36 §6; 1971 c.647 §86; 1971 c.648 §25; 1983 c.350 §266; 2001 c.104 §187; 2003 c.802 §116]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008