Oregon Statutes - Chapter 451 - County Service Facilities - Section 451.495 - Ordinance governing certain assessments.

(1) If the cost, or any portion of the cost, of service facilities for a district is to be assessed under ORS 451.490 against the property directly benefited, the governing body of the district shall, before attempting to implement the service facilities, adopt a general ordinance providing for the method of assessment. The ordinance shall:

(a) Contain provision for notice to affected property owners of intention to implement described service facilities and to assess benefited property for a part or all of the cost.

(b) Provide for a hearing at which affected property owners may appear to object to the implementation of the proposed service facilities.

(c) Provide that if the district receives written objections prior to the conclusion of the hearing signed by more than 50 percent of the affected property owners representing more than 50 percent of the affected property the proposed service facilities will not be implemented.

(d) Provide for notice of and a hearing on proposed assessments which notice and hearing may be combined with the notice and hearing described in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this subsection.

(e) Provide for the general method of assessing the property directly benefited and of the recording of liens against the property directly benefited, and of making supplementary assessments and rebates.

(f) Provide for establishing the boundaries of each assessment district as work is proposed.

(2) Assessments in the district shall, so far as practicable, be apportioned within the district in accordance with the special and peculiar benefit each lot or parcel of land receives from the service facilities.

(3) Where parcels of land, or portions thereof, are undeveloped, the governing body of the district may, in its discretion, defer assessing or imposing all or any portion of such assessments on such parcels until such parcels are served by the facilities. [1973 c.785 §15; 1981 c.570 §3]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008