Oregon Statutes - Chapter 451 - County Service Facilities - Section 451.570 - Regulations for sewage disposal, solid waste disposal, street cleaning and other authorized purposes.

(1) For the protection of the public health, safety and general welfare, the district may adopt and enforce reasonable and necessary regulations for:

(a) The control of sewage disposal in the district.

(b) The storage, collection, transportation and disposal of solid wastes within the district where such regulations are supplemental to the requirements of the regulations of the Environmental Quality Commission adopted pursuant to ORS 459.045 and are necessary to meet special local conditions.

(c) The cleanliness of roads and streets of the district.

(d) The management of storm and surface water discharge, including standards relating to the quantity and quality of such discharges.

(e) All other purposes consistent with the type of service facilities the district is authorized to construct, operate and maintain and not in conflict with the laws of this state.

(2) Such regulations shall be adopted in accordance with ORS 198.510 to 198.600. [1955 c.685 §17; 1967 c.428 §9; 1969 c.593 §41; 1971 c.268 §18; 1971 c.648 §28; 1973 c.785 §24; 1989 c.374 §7]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008