Oregon Statutes - Chapter 453 - Hazardous Substances; Radiation Sources - Section 453.635 - State Radiation Control Agency; duties; applicability of ORS 453.605 to 453.800.

(1) The Department of Human Services is the State Radiation Control Agency, but ORS 453.605 to 453.800 do not apply to a radiation source while it is being transported on a railroad car or in a motor vehicle subject to and in conformity with rules adopted by the Department of Transportation nor do they apply to any matter other than transportation of radiation sources within the authority of the Energy Facility Siting Council under ORS chapter 469. To protect occupational and public health and safety against radiation hazards the Department of Human Services shall:

(a) Develop programs to evaluate hazards associated with the use of radiation sources; and

(b) With due regard for compatibility with the regulatory programs of the federal government, promulgate standards and make reasonable regulations relating to registration, licensing, use, handling, transport, storage, disposal, other than disposal regulated by ORS 469.300 to 469.563, 469.590 to 469.619 and 469.930, and control of radiation sources, including but not limited to by-product materials, source materials and special nuclear materials.

(2) To protect occupational and public health and safety against radiation hazards the department or its authorized representative may:

(a) Advise, consult and cooperate with other agencies of this state, the federal government, other states, interstate agencies, political subdivisions of this state or other states and with groups concerned with control of radiation sources;

(b) Encourage, participate in or conduct studies, investigations, training, research or demonstrations relating to control of radiation sources;

(c) Accept and administer loans, grants or other funds or gifts, conditional or otherwise, from the federal government or from any other source, public or private;

(d) Collect and disseminate information relating to control of radiation sources; and

(e) Subject to any applicable provision of the State Personnel Relations Law, appoint officers and employees and prescribe their duties and fix their compensation. [1961 c.664 §4; 1971 c.699 §17; 1977 c.796 §6; 1995 c.733 §44]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008