Oregon Statutes - Chapter 455 - Building Code - Section 455.320 - Owner-built dwellings exempt from certain structural code provisions; recording of exemption.

(1) As used in this section, unless the context requires otherwise:

(a) “Owner” means the owner of the title to real property or the contract purchaser of real property, of record as shown on the last available complete assessment roll which person has not taken advantage of the exemptions under subsection (2) of this section during the five years prior to applying for an exemption under this section.

(b) “Owner-built dwelling and outbuildings” means a single-family residence and adjacent auxiliary structures the structural components of which are constructed entirely by the owner who intends to occupy the structures or by that owner and friends and relatives of the owner assisting on an unpaid basis.

(2) Owner-built dwellings and outbuildings shall be exempt from any requirements of the structural code for ceiling heights, room sizes and the maintenance of specific temperature levels in those structures. The exemption shall apply to the new construction, renovation, remodeling or alteration of an owner-built dwelling or outbuilding.

(3) A building permit issued for an owner-built dwelling or outbuilding shall note whether the owner-built dwelling or outbuilding complies with the requirements it is exempted from under subsection (2) of this section. If the dwelling or other structure does not comply with these requirements, the owner-builder shall file a copy of the building permit with the county clerk, who shall make the permit a part of the permanent deed record of the property. The owner shall provide the county clerk with a description of the property sufficient if it were contained in a mortgage of the property to give constructive notice of the mortgage under the law of this state.

(4) Noncompliance with subsection (3) of this section shall not affect, in any manner, any conveyance of interest in property subject to this section. [Formerly 456.920]

(Exemptions in Rural Areas)

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Last modified: August 7, 2008