Oregon Statutes - Chapter 457 - Urban Renewal - Section 457.180 - Powers of urban renewal agencies in general.

An urban renewal agency, in addition to its other powers, may:

(1) Make plans for carrying out a program of voluntary repair and rehabilitation of buildings and improvements.

(2) Make plans for the enforcement of laws, codes and regulations relating to:

(a) The use of land.

(b) The use and occupancy of buildings and improvements.

(c) The repair, rehabilitation, demolition or removal of buildings and improvements.

(3) Make plans for the relocation of persons and property displaced by an urban renewal project.

(4) Make preliminary plans outlining urban renewal activities for neighborhoods to embrace two or more urban renewal areas.

(5) Conduct preliminary surveys to determine if the undertaking and carrying out of an urban renewal project is feasible.

(6) Develop, test and report methods and techniques and carry out demonstrations and other activities for the prevention and the elimination of urban blight.

(7) Engage in any other housing or community development activities specifically delegated to it by the governing body of the municipality including but not limited to land acquisition and disposition, conservation and rehabilitation, residential or business relocation, construction, leasing or management of housing, and the making of grants and loans from any available source. [1957 c.456 §10; 1975 c.382 §1]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008