Oregon Statutes - Chapter 468B - Water Quality - Section 468B.080 - Prohibitions relating to garbage or sewage dumping into waters of state.

(1) No garbage or sewage shall be discharged into or in any other manner be allowed to enter the waters of the state from any building or structure unless such garbage or sewage has been treated or otherwise disposed of in a manner approved by the Department of Environmental Quality. All plumbing fixtures in buildings or structures, including prior existing plumbing fixtures from which waste water or sewage is or may be discharged, shall be connected to and all waste water or sewage from such fixtures in buildings or structures shall be discharged into a sewerage system, septic tank system or other disposal system approved by the department pursuant to ORS 448.305, 454.010 to 454.040, 454.205 to 454.255, (1973 Replacement Part), 454.505 to 454.535, 454.605 to 454.755 and ORS chapters 468, 468A and 468B.

(2) The department may extend the time of compliance for any person, class of persons, municipalities or businesses upon such conditions as it may deem necessary to protect the public health and welfare if it is found that strict compliance would be unreasonable, unduly burdensome or impractical due to special physical conditions or cause or because no other alternative facility or method of handling is yet available. [Formerly 449.150 and then 468.770]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008