Oregon Statutes - Chapter 468B - Water Quality - Section 468B.360 - Review of contingency plan.

In reviewing the contingency plan required by ORS 468B.345, the Department of Environmental Quality shall consider at least the following factors:

(1) The adequacy of containment and cleanup equipment, personnel, communications equipment, notification procedures and call-down lists, response time and logistical arrangements for coordination and implementation of response efforts to remove oil spills promptly and properly and to protect the environment;

(2) The nature and amount of vessel traffic within the area covered by the plan;

(3) The volume and type of oil being transported within the area covered by the plan;

(4) The existence of navigational hazards within the area covered by the plan;

(5) The history and circumstances surrounding prior spills of oil within the area covered by the plan;

(6) The sensitivity of fisheries and wildlife and other natural resources within the area covered by the plan;

(7) Relevant information on previous spills contained in on-scene coordinator reports covered by the plan;

(8) The extent to which reasonable, cost-effective measures to reduce the likelihood that a spill will occur have been incorporated into the plan;

(9) The number of covered vessels calling in and the facilities located in the geographic area and the resulting ability of local agencies and industry groups to develop, finance and maintain a contingency plan and spill response system for those vessels and facilities; and

(10) The spill response equipment and resources available to a person providing a contingency plan for cargo and passenger vessels under contingency plans filed by the person under state or federal law for other covered vessels or facilities owned or operated by that person. [1991 c.651 §7; 1995 c.535 §4]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008