Oregon Statutes - Chapter 506 - Application, Administration and Enforcement of Commercial Fishing Laws - Section 506.006 - General definitions.

As used in the commercial fishing laws, unless the context requires otherwise:

(1) “Angling” means fishing for personal use with one line attached to a pole held in hand while landing the fish, or with a hand-operated line without rod or reel, to which may be attached not to exceed three hooks, except on floating bass plugs.

(2) “Boat” means any vessel, any floating craft, powered, towed, rowed or otherwise propelled which is used for landing or taking food fish.

(3) “Buy” includes offer to buy, barter, exchange or trade.

(4) “Commercial purposes” means taking food fish with any gear unlawful for angling, or taking or possessing food fish in excess of the limits permitted for personal use, or taking, fishing for, handling, processing, or otherwise disposing of or dealing in food fish with the intent of disposing of such food fish or parts thereof for profit, or by sale, barter or trade, in commercial channels.

(5) “Commission” means the State Fish and Wildlife Commission created by ORS 496.090.

(6) “Department” means the State Department of Fish and Wildlife.

(7) “Director” means the State Fish and Wildlife Director appointed pursuant to ORS 496.112.

(8) “Fishing gear” means any appliance or device intended for or capable of being used to take food fish except by angling.

(9) “Fixed fishing gear” includes but is not limited to stationary gear operated at a fixed location.

(10) “Personal use” means taking or fishing for food fish by angling or by such other means and with such gear as the commission may authorize for fishing for personal use, or possessing the same for the use of the person fishing for, taking or possessing the same and not for sale or barter.

(11) “Sell” includes offer or possess for sale, barter, exchange or trade.

(12) “Take” means fish for, hunt, pursue, catch, capture or kill or attempt to fish for, hunt, pursue, catch, capture or kill.

(13) “Transport” means transport by any means, and includes offer or receive for transportation.

(14) “Waters of this state” means all waters over which the State of Oregon has jurisdiction, or joint or other jurisdiction with any other state or government, including waters of the Pacific Ocean and all bays, inlets, lakes, rivers and streams within or forming the boundaries of this state. [1965 c.570 §3; 1975 c.253 §13; 1995 c.602 §1; 2003 c.14 §337]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008