Oregon Statutes - Chapter 507 - Compacts with Other States - Section 507.010 - Oregon-Washington Columbia River fish compact.

Congress, by virtue of the authority vested in it under section 10, Article I, United States Constitution, providing for compacts and agreements between states, having ratified the recommendations of the conference committees of the States of Oregon and Washington, appointed to agree on legislation necessary for the regulation, preservation and protection of fish in the waters of the Columbia River, over which said states have concurrent jurisdiction, and other waters within either state which would be affected by such concurrent interest, recommendations being as follows: “We further recommend that a resolution be passed by the legislatures of Washington and Oregon, whereby the ratification by Congress of the laws of the States of Oregon and Washington shall act as a treaty between said states, subject to modification only by joint agreement by said states;” and the recommendation having been approved by resolution adopting the report of the conference committee, there exists between the States of Oregon and Washington a definite compact and agreement, the purport of which is substantially as follows: All laws and regulations now existing, or which may be necessary for regulating, protecting or preserving fish in the waters of the Columbia River, over which the States of Oregon and Washington have concurrent jurisdiction, or any other waters within either of said states, which would affect the concurrent jurisdiction, shall be made, changed, altered and amended in whole or in part, only with the mutual consent and approbation of both states.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008