Oregon Statutes - Chapter 513 - Packing Fish and Manufacture of Fish Products - Section 513.020 - Control and regulation of means of handling fish and fish products.

In order that all fish or parts thereof suitable for human consumption may be conserved and used for that purpose, and to provide sanitary methods and prevent waste in the use, sale, packing, preserving, manufacturing, processing or other handling of fish or fish products, other than salmon, the State Fish and Wildlife Commission may control and regulate fishing boats, barges, lighters or tenders, receptacles or vehicles containing fish or fishing gear, fish reduction plants or plants where fish products are manufactured, in so far as may be necessary to insure the taking, catching, delivery of fish, canning, packing, preserving, reduction of and manufacture of fish products or by-products in a wholesome and sanitary manner, and to prevent deterioration or waste of any fish.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008