Oregon Statutes - Chapter 540 - Distribution of Water; Watermasters; Change in Use, Transfer or Forfeiture of Water Rights - Section 540.524 - Substitution of supplemental water right from ground water source for primary water right from surface water source; application; fee.

(1) Notwithstanding ORS 540.510 or 540.670, upon approval of an application submitted to the Water Resources Department, the holder of both a primary water right originating from a surface water source and a supplemental water right permit or certificate originating from a ground water source may substitute the use of the supplemental water right for the primary water right. A substitution may not be made under this subsection if the use of the supplemental water right results in an enlargement or expansion of the primary water right. This subsection does not authorize a change in place of use, type of use, point of diversion or point of appropriation.

(2) An application required under subsection (1) of this section shall be submitted on forms provided by the department. The department may request additional information if necessary to assist with the injury evaluation. Each application shall be submitted with the fee described in ORS 536.050 (1)(s).

(3) Upon receiving an application under subsection (1) of this section, the department shall provide notice, accept protests and conduct hearings on protests in the manner described in ORS 540.520 (5), (6) and (7).

(4) The Water Resources Director shall issue an order approving or denying the substitution. If the proposed substitution will result in injury to other water rights, the director shall prohibit or condition the use to avoid or mitigate the injury. The director shall issue an order approving or denying the substitution within 90 days after the department receives an application under subsection (1) of this section.

(5) For the purpose of ORS 540.610, a substituted primary surface water right shall be treated as a supplemental water right, and a substituted supplemental ground water right shall be treated as a primary water right.

(6) A completed and approved substitution of a supplemental ground water right for a primary surface water right under this section may be terminated upon a request by the water right holder or by an order of the director if the director determines that the use of the ground water as the primary water right causes injury to other water rights. Upon termination, the substituted primary and supplemental water rights shall revert back to their original status. [1999 c.555 §2]

Note: 540.524 was added to and made a part of 540.505 to 540.585 by legislative action but was not added to any smaller series therein. See Preface to Oregon Revised Statutes for further explanation.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008