Oregon Statutes - Chapter 540 - Distribution of Water; Watermasters; Change in Use, Transfer or Forfeiture of Water Rights - Section 540.585 - Temporary transfers within Deschutes River Basin; procedure; fee.

(1) In accordance with the provisions of this section, a person may request that the Water Resources Department approve the temporary transfer of the place of use and type of use and temporarily change the point of diversion if necessary to convey water to the new temporary place of use, of all or a portion of a water right, for a period not to exceed 25 years if:

(a) The person holds a water use subject to transfer;

(b) The type of use specified in the original water use subject to transfer is irrigation;

(c) The person to whom the right is transferred is:

(A) Located within the Deschutes River Basin; and

(B) A city, a quasi-municipal corporation, a domestic water supply district formed under ORS chapter 264, a water supplier as defined in ORS 448.115 or a water authority formed under ORS chapter 450;

(d) The proposed use is municipal use; and

(e) The proposed temporary transfer will not result in injury to any existing water right.

(2) An application for a temporary transfer under this section shall:

(a) Be submitted in writing to the Water Resources Department;

(b) Be accompanied by the appropriate fee for a change in the place of use and type of use as set forth in ORS 536.050;

(c) Include the information required under ORS 540.520 (2); and

(d) Include any other information the Water Resources Commission by rule may require.

(3)(a) Any portion of the use of a water right that is not temporarily transferred under this section may be used on the designated part of the lands described in the original water right permit, certificate or adjudication under ORS chapter 539 as evidenced by a court decree, if the use does not encompass more than the remaining portion of the lands, enlarge the water right or increase the rate, duty, total acreage benefited or season of use.

(b) The Water Resources Department shall designate the lands on which water may be applied under this subsection and shall prescribe mapping, measurement and recording requirements under this subsection.

(4) Upon expiration of a temporary transfer period, all uses of water for which a temporary transfer is allowed under this section shall revert automatically to the terms and conditions of the original water right permit, certificate or adjudication under ORS chapter 539 as evidenced by a court decree.

(5) The time during which water is used under an approved temporary transfer order does not apply toward a finding of forfeiture under ORS 540.610.

(6) The department may revoke a prior approval of a temporary transfer at any time if:

(a) The department finds that the transfer is causing injury to any existing water right; or

(b) The person fails to comply with the requirements prescribed by the department pursuant to subsection (3) of this section.

(7) The department shall provide notice, in the manner provided in ORS 540.520 (5), that the department received an application for a temporary transfer under this section.

(8) The department may:

(a) Prescribe the duration of the temporary transfer period allowed under this section, up to 25 years;

(b) Impose conditions in the terms of the temporary transfer, including revocation of the transfer for noncompliance with applicable state, local or federal laws; and

(c) Determine the parties that may participate in the review of applications submitted under this section. [2003 c.705 §6]

Note: Section 11, chapter 705, Oregon Laws 2003, provides:

Sec. 11. The Water Resources Department shall submit a report, in the manner provided in ORS 192.245, that shall include a detailed description of the features of the process employed by the Water Resources Commission to implement section 6 of this 2003 Act [540.585], including any recommendation for further legislation. The report shall be submitted to the Legislative Assembly no later than January 31, 2009. [2003 c.705 §11]

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