Oregon Statutes - Chapter 543 - Hydroelectric Projects - Section 543.210 - Preliminary permits; application; contents; fee.

(1) Any person who proposes to operate a hydroelectric project in Oregon shall apply for a state preliminary permit. Any person who applies to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for a preliminary permit to operate a hydroelectric project shall, at the same time, apply for a state preliminary permit. The Water Resources Commission may issue a preliminary permit to any person possessing the qualifications of a licensee as specified in ORS 543.010 to 543.610.

(2) The application for a preliminary permit shall set forth:

(a) The name and post-office address of the applicant;

(b) The approximate site of any proposed dam or diversion;

(c) The amount of water in cubic feet per second;

(d) The theoretical horsepower; and

(e) Any other data the commission may by rule require.

(3) Upon receipt of an application for a preliminary permit the commission shall indorse on the application the date of receipt, and keep a record of the receipt of the application. The date so indorsed shall determine the priority of the use of water initiated under the provisions of ORS 543.010 to 543.610.

(4) At the time of filing application for preliminary permit the applicant shall pay to the state the portion of the total project fee required in ORS 543.280, to cover costs of recording, publishing notices and making investigations necessary to determine whether or not a preliminary permit should be granted. [Amended by 1961 c.224 §15; 1985 c.673 §147; 1991 c.869 §8]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008