Oregon Statutes - Chapter 543 - Hydroelectric Projects - Section 543.410 - Construction of project; time for commencement and completion; supply of service; extension of time; nonperformance; termination of license.

(1) The licensee shall commence the construction of the project works within the time fixed in the license, which shall not be more than two years from the date thereof, shall thereafter in good faith and with due diligence prosecute such construction, and shall, within the time fixed in the license, complete and put into operation such part of the ultimate development as the Water Resources Commission considers necessary to supply the reasonable needs of the then available market, and shall, from time to time thereafter construct such portion of the balance of the development as the commission directs, so as to supply adequately the reasonable market demands until development is completed.

(2) The period for commencement of construction may be extended once but not longer than two additional years, and the period for the completion of construction carried on in good faith and with reasonable diligence may be extended by the commission when not incompatible with the public interests.

(3) If the licensee does not commence actual construction of the project works or of any specified part of the project works, within the time prescribed in the license or as extended by the commission, then, after due notice given, the license shall, as to the project works or part of the project works, be terminated upon written order of the commission. [Amended by 1985 c.673 §155]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008