Oregon Statutes - Chapter 545 - Irrigation Districts - Section 545.089 - Redivision of district; election of directors.

(1) When land is included within a district by proceedings under ORS 545.057 to 545.085, if the district is subdivided for the election of directors and as a result of the inclusion of the land the deviation in acreage among the divisions is greater than 10 percent, the board of directors, not earlier than 30 days after the final order making the inclusion, shall make an order redividing the district. Redivision shall be done in the same manner as provided for the initial division of the district in ORS 545.033 (2).

(2) If redivision of the district under subsection (1) of this section results in the creation of a division without a qualified representative on the board of directors, the position of director from that division shall be filled at the next general election of the district. When the newly elected director assumes office, if there are two or more directors from another division, the term of office of the director having the least time left to serve shall expire. The initial term of office of the newly elected director shall be the same as the remaining term of the director whose term expires as provided under this subsection. [Formerly 545.598; 1999 c.452 §11]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008