Oregon Statutes - Chapter 545 - Irrigation Districts - Section 545.420 - Certification of assessments to county assessors; entry on assessment roll; collection of taxes; deposit of sums collected; disbursements from fund; taxation of state and federal lands.

(1) After the board has completed its assessment, it shall certify the assessment to the county assessor of each county in which district lands are situated. The certificate shall be made in the manner provided in ORS 310.060. The county assessor shall enter the apportionment upon the county assessment roll against the property described in the certificate, in the same manner that other municipal assessments are entered by the county assessor. However, the sum apportioned to and charged for operation and maintenance and the sums apportioned for all other purposes shall be entered by the assessor separately on the assessment roll as the irrigation district taxes against the property.

(2) The taxes shall be collected and accounted for in the same manner as other municipal taxes, and the collection enforced in the same manner as the other taxes of the county, except that the tax collector shall collect and account for the tax for operation and maintenance separate from the taxes levied by the district for other purposes. When paid to the county treasurer, all taxes or assessments levied and collected for operation and maintenance shall be carried in a fund to be known as the operation and maintenance fund. All warrants issued in payment for operation and maintenance shall be drawn against and paid out of that fund.

(3) Any land, title to which is vested in the state, including lands segregated under the Carey Act or state lands sold under contract, in any irrigation district, shall be subject to taxation by the district. The full amount of assessments due against the lands shall be paid to the district before the same is sold, resold or contract for sale executed. The public lands of the United States within the district, whether entered or unentered, shall be subject to taxation under the Act of Congress of August 11, 1916. [Formerly 545.452]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008