Oregon Statutes - Chapter 570 - Plants; Inspection, Quarantine, Pest and Weed Control - Section 570.190 - Notices; manner of service; persons authorized to make service; reputed owner considered owner.

(1) All notices provided for in ORS 570.140 to 570.190 shall be served upon each owner of such infected or infested premises or chattel, or upon the owner of each, if such premises and chattel are under different ownership. Service shall be made in the following manner:

(a) If such owners are individuals and can with reasonable diligence be found within the county where such infested or infected premises or chattel are, it shall be served upon such owners, or at least one of them, personally, by delivering a copy thereof certified to by the officer making the inspection.

(b) If such owner is a corporation, by delivery of such certified copy to the president or other head of the corporation, secretary, cashier or managing agent, or in case none of the officers of such corporation can with reasonable diligence be found within such county, then to any clerk or agent of such corporation who may with reasonable diligence be found within such county; or if no such officer is found, then by mailing such copy to the principal office of such corporation or to any person authorized to accept legal service for said corporation.

(c) If such owner is a minor under the age of 14 years, to such minorís father, mother or guardian; or, if none is found within such county, then to any person having the care or control of such minor, or with whom the minor resides, or in whose service the minor is employed.

(d) If such owner is a person judicially declared to be of unsound mind, or incapable of conducting the affairs of the person, and for whom a guardian has been appointed, on such guardian.

(e) If any such owner is a resident of such county and personal service of such notice cannot, with diligence, be had, it may be made on some person of the family, above the age of 14 years, at the dwellinghouse or usual place of abode of the owner.

(f) In case such notice cannot with reasonable diligence be served as provided in this section, such notice shall be posted by any person qualified to make personal service thereof in a conspicuous place on the infected or infested premises, or on the premises or conveyance containing the infected or infested chattel.

(2) Such notice may be served by any representative of the State Department of Agriculture, or by a sheriff or deputies of the sheriff. The notice shall state the spray to be used or the treatment to be applied for the eradication of insect pests, their eggs, larvae, and contagious diseases and fungous growths. The treatment may include the destruction of infested or infected articles, if such destruction is necessary in the judgment of the person inspecting the same under the authority conferred by law.

(3) For the purposes of ORS 570.130 to 570.190 any reputed owner shall be considered as the owner of any infected or infested premises or chattel.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008