Oregon Statutes - Chapter 570 - Plants; Inspection, Quarantine, Pest and Weed Control - Section 570.430 - Procedure for collection of expenses incurred by inspector.

(1) On the completion of the work, the inspector shall file with the county clerk an itemized statement of expenses necessarily incurred in the operation, including the wages of the inspector for time spent therein, both on the preparation and completion of the operation, verified by the oath of the inspector. When such statement is filed, the county clerk shall cause the same to be entered upon a lien docket prepared for that purpose. The amount of the expenses when so docketed shall constitute a first lien upon such land and premises, except as to taxes. The county court or board of county commissioners shall hear and promptly decide any objection to the amount of expenses assessed.

(2) If the expenses are not paid and the lien discharged by the owner or occupant of the lands within 90 days from the date the lien is docketed, the county may recover the expenses in an action at law. [Amended by 1991 c.459 §436]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008