Oregon Statutes - Chapter 570 - Plants; Inspection, Quarantine, Pest and Weed Control - Section 570.545 - Eradication of weeds when owner or occupant refuses to do so; request for quarantine; statement of expenses to be filed.

(1) If the owner or occupant of the land fails or refuses to immediately destroy or cut the noxious weeds in accordance with ORS 570.515 to 570.600, the weed inspector shall at once notify the district attorney of the county who shall at once take necessary steps for enforcement of ORS 570.515 to 570.600. The county court shall authorize the weed inspector or such assistants as the weed inspector may employ to go upon the land or premises and destroy the noxious weeds or control them in such manner as will destroy all seeds of such noxious weeds; provided, however, that if destruction or control of the weeds on any farm is in the judgment of the county weed inspector impracticable because the weeds may be too far advanced, or if for any other reason the means of control available are unsatisfactory, the weed inspector shall so notify the county court, which shall request the State Department of Agriculture to immediately quarantine any such uncontrolled noxious weed infested farm within the county to prevent the movement of infested crops or of livestock from such farm except under conditions prescribed in the quarantine that will prevent spread of the weeds by such crops or livestock. In all cases where the inspector undertakes to destroy or control noxious weeds, the most effective and practical method, in the judgment of the inspector, and with least injury to the land or crops, shall be used.

(2) Upon the completion of such work the person so appointed and authorized by the county court shall file with the county clerk an itemized statement of the expenses necessarily incurred in the destruction of such weeds, including the wages of the person as provided in ORS 570.520, verified by the oath of the person.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008