Oregon Statutes - Chapter 586 - Warehouses; Grain and Commodity Inspection - Section 586.520 - Inspection of warehouses; records required of warehouseman.

(1) Upon the request of any person or persons having an interest in grain stored in any public warehouse and upon payment of $25 in advance, the State Department of Agriculture shall cause such warehouse to be inspected and shall cause to be checked the outstanding negotiable grain warehouse receipts and load slips which have not been superseded by negotiable grain warehouse receipts with the grain on hand and shall report the amount of receipts and load slips outstanding and the amount of storage, if any. If the cost of the examination is less than $25 the excess shall be returned to the person making the payment, and if the cost of the examination is more than $25 the person or persons having an interest in the grain stored in any such warehouse, and requesting such examination, shall pay the additional cost to the department.

(2) The department may cause every such warehouse and business thereof and the mode of conducting the warehouse to be inspected by one or more of its officers, employees or inspectors whenever deemed proper. A public warehouse shall be maintained in a manner adequate to provide convenient and safe means of ingress and egress to the various storage bins and compartments by those persons authorized to make inspections. The warehouseman shall cooperate with the department in any inspection of the warehouse or warehouse records and shall assist the department in every reasonable manner in any of such inspections.

(3) The property, books, records, accounts, papers and proceedings of every such warehouseman shall at all times during the business hours be subject to such inspection by the department. The warehouseman shall maintain adequate records and systems for the filing and accounting of warehouse receipts, canceled warehouse receipts, load slips, other documents and transactions necessary or common to the warehouse industry. Canceled warehouse receipts, copies of load slips and other copies of documents evidencing ownership or ownership liability shall be retained by the warehouseman for a period of at least three years from date of cancellation. [Amended by 1955 c.731 §17; 1957 c.11 §5; 1957 c.314 §2; 1969 c.190 §4; 1981 c.204 §2]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008