Oregon Statutes - Chapter 586 - Warehouses; Grain and Commodity Inspection - Section 586.570 - Department to control weighing, inspection and grading of grain at inspection points; inspection of commodities other than grain; records to be kept; certificates issued.

(1) The State Department of Agriculture shall have exclusive control of the weighing, inspection and grading of grain at all inspection points established under ORS 586.600, including public terminal warehouses. The department may also, upon the request of any interested party, weigh, grade, sample or inspect commodities of commerce other than grain including but not limited to hay, grain or hay products, rice, beans and other agricultural or horticultural commodities, fertilizer, sulfur or other chemicals used in the arts, science or in manufacturing, when such commodities are received from or delivered to any rail, water or other motor vehicle carrier within the state in commercial transportation. The department may certify the weight, grade or other results of its inspection in accordance with the request therefor, insofar as its personnel and facilities permit. The action and certificate of the department, signed by one of its officers, employees, inspectors or weighers in the discharge of duties, as to all commodities weighed, graded or inspected by the officer, employee, inspector or weigher, is conclusive upon all parties interested but appeal may be taken to the department in the manner provided in ORS 632.960. The provisions of ORS 632.965 shall apply to any certificate issued under the provisions of this section.

(2) Suitable books and records shall be kept in which shall be entered a faithful and true record of every carload, motor vehicle load or cargo or part of cargo of grain and other commodities inspected, graded or weighed by the department, showing the following:

(a) The number and initial or other designation of the car, motor vehicle or boat containing the carload, load or cargo or part thereof.

(b) Its weight.

(c) The kind of grain or other commodity, and its grade.

(3) For each carload, load or cargo, or part thereof, of grain or other commodity inspected, the officers, employees, inspectors and weighers of the department shall, if requested so to do by consignor or consignee, give a certificate of inspection showing:

(a) The kind and grade of such grain or commodity and the reason for all grades below No. 1.

(b) If other than bulk, the number of sacks, bales or other parcels thereof, with the grade or grades and weight of same.

(4) The department also shall furnish the agent of the railroad company or other carrier over which such commodity was shipped or carried a certificate showing the weight thereof, if requested so to do.

(5) The department also shall keep a true record of all appeals, decisions and a complete record of every official act, which books and records shall be open to inspection by any party in interest. [Amended by 1955 c.731 §20]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008