Oregon Statutes - Chapter 587 - Storage of Grain as Basis of Farm Credit - Section 587.100 - Making inspections; inspection certificates; issuing warehouse certificates.

(1) When application is made to the State Department of Agriculture for the inspection and sealing of grain, whether upon the farm or on or near any railroad right of way, or other suitable place, the department shall, as soon as it is possible so to do, inspect the grain. If the grain and the structure in which it is stored comply with this chapter and the regulations of the department, the department shall:

(a) Obtain the number and description of the bags of grain or measure and obtain the cubic feet content of the grain in the bin.

(b) Estimate the amount of grain in storage, sample the grain to secure an average sample, so as to obtain a required amount of grain to mix and divide into two samples.

(c) Number the bin and the samples to correspond, seal the bin with a seal provided by the department and place on the structure a printed copy of the penalty provided by ORS 587.990 (2) for the unlawful breaking of the seal.

(d) Forward to its laboratory one of the samples obtained from the bin, and obtain from the laboratory inspection certificates, in triplicate, which shall be dated, numbered and shall designate the owner’s name, the number of the sample inspected, the kind of grain, and if mixed, the percentage of each kind, the dockage and, upon request, the moisture and protein content.

(2) As soon as inspection certificates are obtained, the department shall issue negotiable warehouse certificates in triplicate, attaching to each a copy of the inspection certificate. When approved by the department the certificates are deemed to be issued by the proper authority of the department. Any certificate issued for grain owned by more than one person, or mortgaged, shall be issued in the name of such persons, including the mortgagee.

(3) An authorized representative of the department may at any time enter upon the premises where any grain is stored under this chapter for the purpose of making an inspection thereof, and the acceptance of the warehouse certificate by the owner is consent to such entry and inspection. [Amended by 1959 c.201 §4]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008