Oregon Statutes - Chapter 599 - Livestock Auction Markets; Stockyards; Auction Sales - Section 599.620 - Enforcement and regulations.

Except as provided by ORS 599.245, the provisions of this chapter shall not apply to a person licensed pursuant to ORS 599.610. In lieu thereof, the State Department of Agriculture shall promulgate regulations relating to the time, place, manner and method of the temporary sale of horses as authorized by ORS 599.610. In the enforcement of such provisions or the promulgation of regulations thereunder, the department shall take into consideration the following factors:

(1) The measures necessary to establish and maintain the same standards and purposes as are contained in the laws and regulations relating to livestock auction markets and stockyards licensed under and subject to the provisions of this chapter and ORS chapter 596 and yet at the same time to provide a practical and reasonable procedure to permit the holding of such temporary sale of horses.

(2) Those measures necessary to control or eradicate contagious or infectious diseases of horses.

(3) The employment of a veterinarian by the licensee as provided by ORS 599.335.

(4) The economic consequences to the citizens of this state which may result from the spread of all diseases of horses.

(5) The extent to which certain diseases of horses are endemic or epidemic through neighboring states, the United States or this state.

(6) The extent to which livestock other than horses which are infected with or are carriers of the diseases may be adversely affected by reason thereof.

(7) The laws and regulations of the United States and other states.

(8) The laws relating to brands, as provided by this chapter. [1959 c.63 §3]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008